High Wycombe Winners

Express Compressors are committed to helping out the local community in Perth. That is why we are so excited to announce that we are now the proud sponsors of our local cricket team, the High Wycombe Cricket Club. This high-quality cricket facility brings the beloved sport to local residents, young and old.


About the sponsorship

High Wycombe Cricket Club hosts numerous matches throughout the year. Its teams also travel to other teams’ facilities for matches. The club aims to provide a complete cricket experience, offering a variety of styles of play for players to choose from. For long matches at the weekend, the club even serves up afternoon teas.

Our sponsorship dollars will help to keep the pitch looking its best throughout the year so that local players can continue to enjoy playing cricket as much as they like. Funds will also be used to help cover the costs of uniforms, equipment and other important items that help keep the club running smoothly. Our community truly matters to us here at Express Compressors, so we are happy to know that the funds will be put to good use.


Community-minded value

Passion for our clients and their families is one of the cornerstones of our business and is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. However, it is not just our own customers that we care about, but everyone in the local community. We are firm believers that a strong community is better for everyone who lives there, which is why we take giving back to our neighbours so seriously.


Committment to excellence

We bring this same level of dedication and passion to everything that we do, from selecting the highest-quality products to providing exemplary customer service. All aspects of our business are tailored to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients each and every day.

If you are in need of air compressors for your local business, we welcome you to call Express Compressors today. We’ll work with you to determine the best equipment to meet your needs and budget. Our associates are highly knowledgeable about our products and can answer any questions you have about what we have on offer. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help your business with high-quality air compressors.

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